The Binary Digit Zero - Knowledge Electronic Currency
[BZC] Bitzec
Welcome to the Speculation

to the moon

Important Details

- Dont invest money you may need soon.
- Get free airdrops.

Bitzec is an Zcash 2.0 Fork

- Bitcoin code.
- Untraceable transactions with zk-SNARKs.

Bitzec Feature

Bitzec is meant for Airdrops .

Immutable params:

- max supply

- inflation

  • Algo: Equihash 200 9 ASIC
  • Max supply 7B coins
  • Supply: Monthly Blockreward Decreas
  • Blocksize is identical with Zcash (2MB every 2.5 mins)

Why Bitzec?

We skipped zcash's first mpc and sprout code

Why Not

Download Wallet

Linux, Windows, MacOS and mobile wallets

Moon Map

to be written

why choose Bitzec

bitzec speculation

WARNING: Bitzec is a full zcash 2.0 copy paste project on the sapling MPC

Sapling MPC information

Introducing BZC

Send and receive Shielded Bitzec transactions are completely untraceable. Like Bitcoin, Bitzec transaction data is posted to a public blockchain; but unlike Bitcoin, Bitzec ensures your personal and transaction data remain completely confidential. Zero-knowledge proofs allow transactions to be verified without revealing the sender, receiver or transaction amount. Selective disclosure features within Bitzec allow a user to share some transaction details, for purposes of compliance or audit. Bitzec also allows for transparent transactions, just like the king of crypto Bitcoin.

Click for more information on shielding

What`s zk-SNARKs?

Asic Mining

Mine with Asics
Gpu mineable
Equihash 200 9 algorithm.
hodl harder

Self funding

20% devfund from daily mining reward. No direct pre-mine.

Bitzec is an fork of Zcash 2.0

7 billion Max Supply! get BZC from Airdrops!

Untraceable Transactions

You can choose between transactions to remain fully untraceable or complete transparent.

the binary digit zero knowledge electronic currency BZC.

Only POW and no POS

Only Proof of Work


dont sell your BZC

hodl harder.