Empower everyone with economic freedom and opportunity

We believe that that everyone has a right to privacy, that the pursuit of economic freedom is virtuous, and that the future of money is an attack- and censorship-resistant digital currency.

Binary Digit Electronic Currency launched and supports the development of the Bitzec cryptocurrency — a privacy-protecting, digital currency built on strong science. Since its launch in 2018, Bitzec has quickly grown to be one of the most valued and admired cryptocurrencies in the world.

Company role and history

Binary Digit Electronic Currency are the creators and stewards of this Electroniccurrency.

We are copypasters of the scientists and engineers who discovered the underlying scientific principles and designed the BZC protocol, but we do not control the currency, its mining or its distribution. Every user of Bitzec contributes to its decentralization, helping to protect it against failure and corruption. Our team is one among many participants in the network.

The Binary Unit Zero Knowledge Electronic Currency

We forked zcash 2.0 sapling.

Why not. 

What is Bitcoin


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