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View the source code, contribute, and file a bug report on GitHub.

Download Bitzec
Download the Bitzeccommand-line client for Linux.

Mine Bitzec
Learn about Bitzecmining, miners' rewards and what you need to do to get started.

User Guide
To get started with the Bitzeccommand-line client, follow the instructions in our User Guide.

Integration Guide
A technical guide for integrating bitzecd into new or existing cryptocurrency products or services.

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Privacy and Security
Information and announcements about Bitzecsecurity.

Public Keys
Public keys for our software releases.

Additional Tools and Resources

A list of frequently asked questions about Bitzeccovering business, economics, community, technology, mining and using.

The Bitzec Community site is an independent, third-party resource for all things Bitzec. BitzecCompany does not contribute content or direction for this site.

Community chat
Join our rocketchat to talk to Bitzecdevelopers in #bitzec-dev, or with Bitzecscientists in #zcash-wizards.